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Hola! Thanks for dropping by! I’ll tell you more about me! First, I’ll say that photography is a fabulous medium of expression, I feel in love with the act of taking/ developing photos early on in my life. My dad and I would tape up all the windows in our dining room and process the photos we just took, it was like a magic trick, seeing the photos appear in front of my eyes and finally look at what we had photographed. It was amazing and left a footprint of the importance of taking photos specially people and places. We grew up with South America and come from a big family. When we migrated to America, we literally brought 2 big suitcases and in those bags we carried family photos, prints inside albums, moments and memories. The move was difficult for the teenage me, but looking back having those images helped look back and remember my extended family. I wouldn’t have thought eventually this could become my career and one of my greatest challenges. I am a free spirit, a dreamer, over optimistic and most definitely loud. I love music like crazy, and food, and have great conversations with people. But most importantly, I am a believer in Jesus Christ, He’s my savior and without His Grace, being a mother, a wife and a photographer wouldn’t be possible.